What Do You Mean By The Term Headache? How Do We Treat Them?

There are different definitions given by various therapists. In general, headache is a pain that appears inside the cells of a brain and makes it impossible for a person to perform any task or sit with ease. There are some common symptoms of headache, like squeezing of the brain muscles, throbbing, unsteady, and unrelenting. The pain may occur in one part of the skull or in the whole of the head.

The best way to treat a mild or moderate headache is with the help of home remedies. There are various options available in our kitchens that can also provide aid to the occurring pain conditions. Apart from this, there are different medicines available in the market for pain relief treatment. You may also include over-the-counter tablets for the pain to overcome a mild level of pain. The pain medications mainly consist of opioids and other forms of drugs. Fioricet is the best drug to treat tension headaches.

What Are The Different Types Of Headaches?

There are basically three types of headaches under which other headaches are classified.

Primary Headache –

The headaches that are put under this category are seen to be less commonly occurring in people. They are –

  • Migraine Headaches – These are not such a common type of headache that is put inside the primary headache section. These headaches not only occur in adults but also affect the health of children. Boys and girls will get equally affected by a migraine, but once a girl is in her puberty, the condition can be more severe for them.
  • Tension Headaches – These are the most common types of headaches that usually occur. These, too, occur mostly in women as compared to men. As per the reports of the FDA, there is one person in a strength of 20 that gets affected by a tension headache.
  • Cluster Headache – These headaches are rarely seen and generally occur in men in their late 20’s. These headaches have a pattern and are followed by a long period of time. A cluster headache occurs at the same time as it happened earlier. People often break their sleep if the pain occurs in the mid of night.

Secondary Headache –

The headaches that are given in this group are wide and study the overall pain that originates from other parts as well. Secondary headaches are pain that occurs due to an underlying problem. They will include infection problems in the head or the neck of a human body. These pains also include dental sciences, and if there is a problem of bleeding in the teeth, it will incur torment in the head. Apart from this, traumatic headaches and post-concussion headaches are also seen under this group of headaches.

A part of secondary headaches is inclusive of pain that arises due to substance abuse or due to the excess intake of medicines that are used for pain relief. The headaches that occur due to hangover are also classified under the secondary headache category.

Cranial Neuralgias, Facial Pain, And Other Headaches –


The term cranial neuralgias understand for nerve pain. This pain is carried through the 12 nerves that are connected to the brain through the neck to the head. It mainly controls the muscles and sends the sensory signals to incur that pain. For example – under the condition of trigeminal neuralgia, it affects the sensory nerves and causes pain in the facial parts.

Seventeen Types Of Headache That Are Seen Occurring In People –

There are all-together 17 types of headaches that tend to take place in a human brain. They are –

  1. Primary tension headaches – Episodic
  2. Primary tension headaches – Chromic
  3. Primary headache due to muscle contraction
  4. Primary headache due to sexual intercourse
  5. Primary migraine headache with aura
  6. Primary migraine headache without aura
  7. Primary cluster headache
  8. Primary paroxysmal hemicrania
  9. Primary stabbing headache
  10. Primary cough headache
  11. Primary thunderclap headache
  12. Hypnic headache
  13. Daily persistent headache (chronic)
  14. Hemicrania continua headache (occurs at either part of the head)
  15. Headache due to exertion
  16. Cranial nerve inflammation and Trigeminal neuralgia
  17. Secondary headaches*

The secondary headaches mainly occur due to the reason – Trauma, Infection, Disorders, the problem in the teeth or other facial parts, and substance abuse or withdrawal from an active drug.

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