Green Xanax Vs White Xanax Vs Yellow Xanax

Difference between White Xanax and Green Xanax bars-

White Xanax bars are rectangular bars that contain 2mg of active Alprazolam and are known by the name of sticks in the market whereas the Green Xanax is available in 2mg and 3mg doses in the market. The main differences between these tablets are the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them and the color they have. As the name goes White Xanax it which are used for Xanax bars white in color, whereas Green Xanax which are green. Both White and Green Xanax could also have different imprints on themselves which are given by the manufacturers to provide them with a unique identity. 2mg Xanax is the highest available dose in the market, which makes the Green pills to be the strongest Xanax available.

Difference between Yellow Xanax and Green Xanax bars-

Both Yellow and Green Xanax bars contain Alprazolam and are used for treating anxiety and panic disorders. However, the only difference between them is that Yellow Xanax is a generic form of the drug, while Green Xanax is a branded version. Yellow Xanax usually has R039 imprinted on it and contains 2 mg of active Alprazolam. These are known as Yellow school buses in the street and are considered stronger than the White or Green Xanax. People looking for Xanax bars green for sale can use our online pharmacy and buy Green Xanax bars online or order Green Xanax bars online at lower prices along with a prescription.